Life in the Arctic

The first thing to know is that a trip to the Arctic will in fact, change your life and your perspective. The opportunity to see what life is like for the Inuit & Dene residents who have lived there for a long time, and how they have made it their home is a memorable experience. The Arctic is known for its beautiful and unique landscapes as well as all the wildlife that lives there.

There is at least one day a year of entire darkness and one of entire sunshine. It is below freezing for more than half of the year, and during the winter, it’s cold and dark. The Arctic region sees big fluctuations in climate and environment. You will see glaciers and plenty of ice, as a lot of the Arctic region is permanently covered by solid or drifting ice.

The best time to visit the Arctic is between May all the way to September. You will find beautiful icebergs that can last into June. As icebergs start to melt you will start to see sea birds and narwhals, and the caribou migration is also happening at this time. If you would like to see the Northern lights, these can be viewed best between the months of Summer to April between 5 PM and 2 AM.

Another thing you will not want to miss while visiting the Arctic is the wildlife. If you explore you will see polar bears, caribou, narwhals, whales, foxes and walruses. Arctic communities are very connected to the wildlife in the Arctic as they rely on them for sustenance, which is a tradition and a shared commitment of keeping the Arctic ecosystems healthy.