About Us

Incorporated in 1972, Arctic Co-ops is a service federation governed by and designed for 32 community owned, democratically controlled businesses in the Arctic.  The federation allows Co-ops to consolidate their business purchasing power and maximize the value they can offer their own local Members in communities across Canada’s Arctic territories. 

 Arctic Co-ops strives to be subject matter experts in business to help guide the Member Co-ops in their processes and enjoy financial profitability. Our support divisions include:  Executive and Corporate Services, Human Resources, Finance, Stakeholder Relations, Operations, Innovation & Infrastructure and Merchandising & Logistics.

 Through the seven Co-op Principles and our Vision and Mission, Arctic Co-ops creates and shares the overall organization’s strategic plans so that all staff work in the same direction.  Measures are also put in place to ensure success of the process.  Our Five Pillars of Performance are:  People, Financial, Market, Social and Operations

Our Vision

People working together to improve their social and economic

Our Mission

To provide service to, and enable co-operation among the multi-purpose.  Co-operative businesses in Canada’s north.

The 7 Co-operative Principles

An empowered, engaged and inclusive environment, where employees are encouraged, supported and recognized through a strong sense of team spirit, unity and fun.

We Value





Service & Support

Our Achievements

2019 AON Best Employer
2019 Top Manitoba Employer
2018 Top Manitoba Employer

2017 Top Manitoba Employer
2017 Excellence in Leadership – Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC)

“Arctic Co-ops makes a conscious effort to create a workplace environment where employees feel empowered and engaged. That includes providing self-development opportunities and promoting strength in diversity"

Rod Wilson - CEO